World's Finest Chocolate

World's Finest Chocolate BoxSince 1949 World's Finest® Chocolate has been the leader in fundraising. That's why we've sold over 6 BILLION chocolate bars and helped raise over $3 BILLION for organizations across the country. With a dedication to creating the highest-quality chocolate products and a dependable sales team, World's Finest® is the perfect fundraising partner.



Give Your Fundraiser a Profitable, Personal Touch

Your cause and its successes are important to you, and important to us. That’s why World’s Finest® Chocolate offers free personalized packaging. We’ll put your organization name, logo, and message on your fundraiser to give it an exciting, meaningful touch, at no extra charge.

At World’s Finest® Chocolate, we know that when it comes to fundraising, a little personality makes a big impact. Adding personalization optimizes your fundraising potential and often doubles the amount of sales. It reinforces the credibility of your efforts and makes people feel confident in supporting your organization. Including a name, picture, or logo also raises awareness for your cause and helps you gain supporters. With a fundraising method custom tailored to your needs, you are destined to reach fundraising success!